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About Cone Crusher Yifan Machinery Supplied clients tow types of cone crusher,one is SMH Hydraulic Cone Crusher,and the other one called Spring Cone Crusher(Symons Crusher)...
Hydraulic Cone Crusher This type of Hydraulic Cone crusher belongs to SMH Series.The Cone Crusher designd by ourself engineers has good performance,and also widely used in ...
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Symons Cone Crusher,Symons Cone Crushers

Application of Symons Cone Crusher: 
Symons Cone Crusher is widely used in metallurgical industry, building material industry, construction industry, chemical industry and silicate industry, suitable for crushing medium and moderate hardness of various minerals and rocks, with crushing force, high efficiency, high volume, low cost characteristics of action, convenient adjustment, the use of economic. Because parts material selection and structural design is reasonable, the service life is long, and the crushing granularity of products, reduces the load cycle, in large size crusher, using a hydraulic Qing cavity system, reduce downtime, and crushing chamber each kind of specification, the user can according to different needs, choose different cavity type, in order to better meet the needs of users. This machine is sealed with grease seal, avoids the defects of oil and water supply and drainage system of Ise easy mixed defects, spring insurance system is overload protection device, can close eyewinker, iron pieces through the crushing chamber without damage to the crusher. The machine is divided into standard and short head type, generally speaking, standard particle size large, discharging granularity is coarse, short head cone crushers is steep, feed size is small, is conducive to the production of fine material, so the standard is generally used for coarse, medium crushing, short head, used in crushing.

Symons Cone Crusher

Symons Cone Crusher


The working principle of the Symons Cone Crusher: 
when in work, the motor rotation shaft through the pulley or linkage device, Symons Cone Crusher Symons Cone Crusher transmission shaft and cone of force in the eccentric sleeve moving around a week, fixed point for swinging movement. So that the cone crusher broken Bi sometimes near and sometimes leave is fixedly arranged on the adjusting sleeve on the mortar wall surface, the ore is constantly under attack in the crushing cavity, extrusion and bending and crushing ore achieved.

Symons Cone Crusher features: 
The unbreakable foreign body through the crushing chamber or for some reason machine is overloaded, Symons Cone Crusher spring insurance system of insurance, Symons Cone Crusher row ore. Foreign bodies from the Symons Cone Crusher crushing cavity discharge, such as foreign body stuck in the row ore mouth use Qing cavity system, make the discharge continues to increase, so that the discharged Symons Cone Crusher crushing cavity. Symons Cone Crusher under the action of the spring, row ore mouth automatic reset, Symons Cone Crusher machine to resume normal work. Simon cone crusher crusher series is divided into coarse cone crusher, broken in the Symons Cone Crusher and Symons Cone Crusher three fine, can choose according to different needs of the users.

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