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Cone crusher machine detection note before starting and running

cone crusher is widely used in mining enterprises, the efficiency of the enterprise cost is very important. Can be widely used in metallurgical industry, construction industry, construction industry, chemical industry and silicate industry cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard, and hard ore and rock, such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz sandstone, granite, etc.. At present, China's cone crusher enterprises in the development of science and technology under the environment change rapidly, has been a good development, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in recent years the cone crusher industry market size rose steadily.
Cone Crusher,Cone Crushers
Cone Crusher,Cone Crushers
With the development of technology, kinds of cone crusher has gradually increased, its operation and maintenance points to focus on operation and maintenance points. Cone crusher must conduct a comprehensive inspection before the start, the main contents are as follows:

[1], cone crusher, so check the crushing cavity without ore or block;

[2], check the discharge opening width, substandard requirements, should be adjusted;

[3], check all kinds of electrical appliances chain device and audio signal is normal;

[4], the new installed without crushing machine commissioning, application of artificial or crane to move before starting the crusher rotary 2~3r, to avoid a collision accident;

[5], oil tank, oil temperature below 20 ℃should not drive a car, to be heated by a heater. After inspection without the according to the operating rules in order to drive car, oil temperature, oil pressure and cooling water pressure reaches the specified value.

Run the 3~5min pump, start the crusher and crusher. Cone crusher operation check:

[1], check the seal dust, water is not allowed to run;

[2], check the water cooling system is smooth, and the water quantity and water temperature;

[3], forbid the broken material into the crushing chamber, to prevent damage to the parts of the equipment;

[4], often check the lubrication system oil and oil temperature, oil temperature should not exceed 60 ℃back;

[5], pay attention to check the hydraulic locking cylinder, adjusting ring must be running under the locking status;

[6], crushing strength should be uniform, shall comply with the requirements, generally less than broken mouth size 80%;

[7], Regular inspection liner wear and each component, if found loose, fall off or serious wear, should immediately fastening or on time and the replacement;

[8], often check the product size, exceeding the prescribed should be adjusted. Should be in accordance with the provisions of operating rules of the parking order stop, at room temperature is below 0 ℃, parking should be water and cooling water pipe in the water off, to prevent the frozen pipe.

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