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About Cone Crusher Yifan Machinery Supplied clients tow types of cone crusher,one is SMH Hydraulic Cone Crusher,and the other one called Spring Cone Crusher(Symons Crusher)...
Hydraulic Cone Crusher This type of Hydraulic Cone crusher belongs to SMH Series.The Cone Crusher designd by ourself engineers has good performance,and also widely used in ...
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Cone crusher maintenance and repair should pay more attention.

Cone crusher is currently the most widely used in mining crusher equipment,which is because it can simultaneously achieve primary crushing,secondary crushing and fine crushing of gravel material crushing three sizes to meet the needs of more can be achieved a multifunctional purposes. Cone crusher become the pride of mining machinery indusrty,with the cone crusher, mining, crushing gravel and stone becomes more simple production

Cone crusher equipment has become a good assistant for mining enterprises,but also to use cone crusher also know some tips: As an important stone production line equipment , cone crusher in every aspect becomes more prominent , according to Ming Yu Machinery years the stone production line and research summarizes some tips , these tips for improving the efficiency and cone crusher equipment maintenance play a big role .

cone crusher on port

1 Only when cone crusher start working normally run,it can put material into production .
2.the material must be broken evenly into the crushing chamber , definitely not the direction of the material from the side of the join , nor filled with material , so it will not cause the device to withstand unilateral overload or pressure overload .
3 in the cone crusher equipment to work when the bearing temperature must not exceed 30 degrees, the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 degrees , if at work , cone crusher temperature exceeds the temperature , Ming Yu machinery will immediately stop the work to be checked. Identify the cause, to take immediate measures to resolve.
4 in the cone crusher device stops working , you must first stop feeding and wait crushing cavity materials have all been ruled out before we could turn off the power , this does not easily lead to the occurrence of clogging the crushing cavity .

5 In the cone crusher work, if for material crushing cavity caused by too much parking , you should immediately turn off the power to stop the crusher work for material clean-up, clean up afterwards , before re- run the job.
6 cone crusher equipment in use for some time , be sure to carry out maintenance and repair work , check the stability of the various components of the case .
7 If the cone crusher crushing wall at one end somewhat worn , you can use a change of head , so that both can be done fully utilized, they can save money .
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