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The inertial cone crusher pitchblende ore dressing

After years of research and development of new energy-saving crushing equipment - inertia cone crusher . Inertia cone crusher with its advanced crushing principle , unique design ideas, reasonable mechanical structure and excellent performance on behalf of the current world advanced level cone crusher . All of the original ore of uranium used in conventional agitation leaching process , the process is complex , the amount of acid ( with the quality of the ore ratio) as high as 14% to 15% , energy consumption up to t ore 110kW · h , high production costs.


The complex nature of uranium ore , are in low-temperature hydrothermal uranium deposits . Uranium mineral pitchblende ore structures agglomerate crushing is not difficult , but mine viscous ore particle size (d) <0.15mm , easily compacted , the impact of heap leaching or percolation leaching leaching agent uniform percolation and reduce the permeability of the ore heap crushed product , thus requiring and < 0.15mm mass fraction of as little as possible . Contains a lot of water and fine mud ore , the fine mud uranium grade also is relatively high , must be used .


Uranium ore characteristics with the original uranium mining and nuclear industry Institute to develop and built a the annual processing XXXt ore the percolation leaching production line inertia cone crusher vibration analysis of the importance of an effective solution to the high cost of conventional agitation leaching and heap Baptist and easy scaling compaction, leaching low rate . Percolation leaching process requirements ore particle size of 0.15mm <d <5mm, which put forward higher requirements for crushing equipment .


Inertia cone crusher not only broken than large , can control product particle size within a very narrow grain size range , and the highest grain yield segment , but the unit crushing ratio, low power consumption , can better meet the the percolation leaching process requirements. Zhenping Xinlong Machinery professional cone crusher manufacturer, production series cone crusher selling the whole at home and abroad , the crusher equipment can be customized according to the specific needs of the customers .


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