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The cone crusher crusher industries in China market economy

The cone crusher in accordance with the scope of use , divided into the rough broken , broken , and the crushing three primary crushing cone crusher is also called gyratory crusher machine, the broken and crushing cone crusher , also known as bacteria -shaped cone crusher . The gyratory crusher is a kind of coarse crushing equipment in mineral processing and other industrial sectors , mainly for coarse crushing of various hardness of the ore . Mushroom crusher is mainly used for a variety of hardness of the ore in the broken and crushing equipment . The current situation of our concentrator crushing plant , broken equipment were powered by the standard cone crusher , crushing equipment, most of the short head cone crusher , almost stereotyped . However, the coarse crushing equipment is not using a gyratory crusher , jaw crusher .

With economic growth , a variety of metals and non-metallic minerals , cement factories , buildings, gravel and metallurgical industry production scale expansion of its processing equipment - crushers in its development plays a very important position and role , as an industry the pillars equipment . The cone crusher than a jaw crusher , impact crusher crushing the fine grain size than the Sand mill broken particle size of broken machinery .

Recently , the state in order to support the domestic trend of the crusher , promote the development of the crusher - cone crusher , released on the promotion of deep prospecting guidance to promote China's solid mineral exploration to the deep development . Showing mining machinery and equipment will be facing a new round of industry demand , indicating that the shares of mining machinery and equipment industry boom is expected to continue rising and the continuation of .

From the current economic situation , more and more mines are beginning to use mechanized operations to enhance the rate of exploitation of mines , especially in the degree of mechanization of coal, copper, zinc and other mines have been greatly enhanced , while these industries, the quality of the finished and forming size requirements are constantly improved.

In addition, with economic development in recent years , heavy industry of the pillars of industry , the government in order to support the broken machine industry , to help them successfully through the financial crisis , the provisions of the Ministry of Finance for a large non - road mine dump truck and its key parts and raw materials import tax policies to be adjusted. Import duties and import VAT on imported core components of the implementation of front to back, for corporate new product development and production , and innovation capacity building .

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