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Sand How to choose the own production materials

The Cone Crushers is widely used in a variety of ores, cement, refractories , aluminum where the soil clinker , emery , glass raw materials , mechanisms built stone gold slag , in particular, silicon carbide , silicon carbide , sintered bauxite , such as Misa hard the effectiveness of the production of special hard and corrosion-resistant material than other types of crushers .

Sand is currently developed to today, the use of the material is very useful , can also be used in many industries , such as the cement industry is a good example , although we all know that Sand plays an important role in the cement industry . but the sand making machine can also be used in concrete aggregate , here we look to the reason :

The coarse aggregate in concrete is usually gravel or pebbles . The strength of the fine texture of gravel or pebbles mostly 2 to 4 times higher than ordinary concrete , so common concrete strength from the impact of the Shizai Qiang degree , high -strength concrete , high strength of the cement paste , if the the Shi Zijiang degree is not high will the resulting concrete failure . From high-strength concrete compression testing , you can see the phenomenon of broken stones , this is rarely seen in ordinary concrete . Therefore, the strength of the coarse aggregate within a certain range restricts the intensity of high-strength concrete .Measure the strength of the coarse aggregate mostly crushed indicators and test, high -strength concrete with coarse aggregate crushed indicators to ≤ 10% is appropriate . High-strength concrete due to the slump , the more the amount of cement and sand ratio , therefore, Dmax, coarse aggregate mixture of cohesiveness , water retention and vibration molding density affect little , and the soil to the concrete than gravel concrete high strength , low water-cement ratio , high strength concrete was more obvious .

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