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About Cone Crusher Yifan Machinery Supplied clients tow types of cone crusher,one is SMH Hydraulic Cone Crusher,and the other one called Spring Cone Crusher(Symons Crusher)...
Hydraulic Cone Crusher This type of Hydraulic Cone crusher belongs to SMH Series.The Cone Crusher designd by ourself engineers has good performance,and also widely used in ...
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Cone crusher granite and basalt crushing equipment

Granite and basalt are both volcanic rocks of different granite underground part of the eruption, formed under high pressure, texture than basalt erupted to the surface after the formation of tight, so it is hard. Huangshan is the underground granite outcrops in the process of changes in the crust formed. Can use granite in the building from the roof to the floor, sidewalk curb is, if it is crushed but also made of cement or rock fill dam. Granite is widely used in highway, railway, high-grade buildings, housing construction and other fields, closely linked to the development and utilization of mineral resources and mining machinery industry.

As the leader of the mining machinery industry, the Yifan Machinery moment is concerned demand for exploitation of mineral resources and ore applications development direction and future trends, in order to cater to the mineral resources mining and processing requirements, Yifan Machinery launched a strong jaw crusher and a new cone crusherfor high hardness ore crushing machine, granite processing equipment, jaw crusher is the most widely used, mainly for iron ore rough broken links, to meet different design and production requirements. Meanwhile, in order to achieve higher production efficiency, the granite used in sand and gravel production, often need to the granite crushing or sand, granite crushing to the smallest particle size. Cone crusher can provide a smaller product size, from the overall process, cone crusher laminated broken, divided into three different design approach, the user can choose according to the situation of high crushing efficiency, uniform particle size, grain shape is good, rolling acetabular wall to mill uniform wear and long life type of crushing chamber.

Yifan Machinery as a leading mining machinery manufacturer, we believe that the customer's return on investment relating to our brand reputation, if we recommend the program to allow customers to obtain a satisfactory return on investment, the customer will naturally think that our equipment. To some extent, we are more concerned about than the customer ROI, because customers in the purchase of equipment may give more consideration to the quality of the equipment and the question of price!


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