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The Yifan mechanical analysis of three main reasons affect the efficiency of the cone crusher

The cone crusher cavity obconic , this cavity structure design and height of each cross-section along the crushing chamber through capacity requirements can not be reconciled , and broken along the crushing chamber height of each cross-section through capacity are not the same . Parallel to the area the thickness of the material layer and the discharge port , and the discharge port is to determine a key factor of the capacity of the crusher can also be seen that the angle between the walls of the crushing chamber capacity and dynamic cone crushing wall and fixed cone hit acetabular A nip angle α .

Yifan machinery R & D department of the 3 factors affect cone crusher capacity and product quality of the important factors :


[1]、Parallel to the conical crusher crushed mine length as well as the influence of the size of the crushing efficiency spouts

Crusher cone crusher ( moving cone ) cone angle α1 , ore crushing chamber except by moving cone crusher pressure , the discharge process is basically by gravity . Pai mine mouth width largely determines the size and output of the product . Ore into the crushing chamber by moving cone and fixed cone several times into the impact crusher parallel area . The one hand, in the parallel region continue to suffer the impact of the moving cone and fixed cone crushing crushing chamber , on the one hand, continue to discharge into the parallel zone of ore , due to limited the collide opportunities in parallel between the region ore , so came the width of the entrance to the mine and ore in parallel to the area decided by the number of crushing the product size of the crusher .Ore by the crushing number of times in this process into the parallel zone and discharge of the crushing chamber , parallel to the length of the cone angle .

The transformation of the former ore in crushing chamber parallel zone by crushing number of less than two , so that some of the long bar and flat ore is not broken on the discharge of the crushing chamber , causing the product is too coarse - grained . The increase in the length of the parallel zone conducive to the control of the particle size , but the row of ore capacity relative decrease ; parallel zone length decreases conducive row of ore crushing granularity is not easy to guarantee .

Meanwhile , due to the crushing machine productivity and the nature of the ore , the machine's performance , specifications and crusher operating conditions and other factors , and also related to the configuration of the crusher in the production process , therefore, in the other conditions remain unchanged conditions under changing operating conditions ( transfer large row size of the entrance to the mine ) , will make the crusher productivity change .


[2]、The nip angle as well as the capacity of the crushing chamber the size of the production capacity

Original crushing cavity from the feed port to the discharge port , by the impact of the nip angle , height restrictions at the same time by the crusher , the crusher chamber Yung relative change , the crushing efficiency . About cone crusher broken system Xiangjie , in theory , the nip angle α must be less than twice the friction angle (Φ) between the ore crushing wall linings , generally take α = 22 ° to 23 ° , max. 27 °, the engagement angle is too large , then in crushing the ore cavity slippery , so that the decline in production capacity ; nip angle is too small , the amount of the ore crushing chamber to accommodate relatively reduced , and also the crushing yield impact .



[3]、Swinging the number of cone crushing efficiency

The crushing cone swing number n is also the key factors that affect the capacity of the crusher . The crushing chamber nip angle α and restrictions of parallel rows of mine , the ore is broken in the role of external forces , it is difficult to discharge , the discharge of ore mainly by crushing cone squeeze discharge along the conical beveled swing times easy discharge of the mine , but the number is too high , is not conducive to the row of ore , and sometimes cause coaster not production , therefore , the number of broken wall swing the improvement of the capacity constraints .

These three factors , in addition to the number of broken wall swing is determined depending on the device characteristics , not easy to change , the other two factors are the maximum extent possible to change , so as to achieve the purpose of mentioning production conditions to ensure product quality . Therefore , the capacity increasing transformation of the cone crusher selected cavity -type structure transformation .

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