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About Cone Crusher Yifan Machinery Supplied clients tow types of cone crusher,one is SMH Hydraulic Cone Crusher,and the other one called Spring Cone Crusher(Symons Crusher)...
Hydraulic Cone Crusher This type of Hydraulic Cone crusher belongs to SMH Series.The Cone Crusher designd by ourself engineers has good performance,and also widely used in ...
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Select the cone crusher broken pebbles cause analysis

With the increasing demand of artificial sand, pebbles, granite and other materials sand become the main source of the current mechanism of sand, gravel and pebbles, river pebbles and other materials produced by the large reserves, to meet the national building sand requirements led pebblesthe rise of system sand equipment.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Pebbles sand jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher equipment, but when the production of 30-300 tons of small pebbles sand production line use of cone crusherZhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. gravel project Department of party workers, customers more choice of cone crusher broken pebbles for the following reasons:
1, reduce the wear and tear of wearing parts, extend the service life of the machine. As we all know, the main chemical components of the pebbles is silica, the material hardness, If you are using a hammer crusher, not only for the hammer and other wearing parts wear and tear, and the yield is very low. Rely on the pyramid cone crusher crushing mechanism broken, pebbles and other materials harder to dramatically improve the crushing ratio and production, but also to minimize the loss of wearing parts, to extend the life of the machine.
2, good grain, high quality sand and gravel aggregate. In addition to the broken cobblestone, cone crusher with crushing, coarse grinding, production of materials not only good grain cube finished material is more than 90%, and uniform particle size, with reasonable level.
3, by replacing the cavity can be realized coarse, medium, fine conversion. Cone crusher crushing force, pebbles, broken in the case of the same machine can provide a larger production capacity. And cone crusher in the design of modular design can be achieved by replacing the cavity, crude, crushing conversion capacity exchange flexibility, a wide range of applications.

Therefore, in order to meet our customers demand for sand production line equipment when the production of 30-300 tons of pebbles, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery gravel project department launched special the SMH series (Simmons) cone crusher the SMG series of high-energy cone crusher,The high-energy spring hydraulic cone crusher model cone crusher for the majority of users to choose. In addition, Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery also provide long-term rolling acetabular wall, crushing wall cone crusher parts production and OEM business, welcomed the new and old customers to contact to buy!

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